Bankruptcy Offers You a New Beginning, a Fresh Start

What can you do with that fresh start? Think about it. You may have a family to take care of. A job to go to. A community that depends in some small or large part on you. You have dreams to fulfill. Hurlbett and Olmstead’s professional bankruptcy attorneys can help you plan for and obtain your fresh start. Call us now, at 805-963-9111, so we can help you.

We Are The Bankruptcy Professionals

We focus on bankruptcy law in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo counties by helping our clients get discharged from debt, helping creditors recover what they are entitled from bankrupt estates, helping settle disputes between debtors, creditors, and bankruptcy trustees. We know the bankruptcy code and the people who make the process work in the bankruptcy courts in Santa Barbara and Woodland Hills.

We Are Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy Attorneys Santa BarbaraWe are licensed to practice in any courtroom in California. We sometimes take cases outside of bankruptcy just to keep our skills sharp and to help our clients. Some of the other things we do include state-court collection litigation, tax audit and collection disputes, and issues involving wineries and grape growers. But our main focus is bankruptcy and issues involving foreclosures, repossessions, lien notices and creditor collection actions including claims asserted by federal and state taxing authorities

We live and work in the region from Camarillo to the Northern San Luis Obispo County line. We have offices in Santa Barbara, and Grover Beach. We have effectively represented clients throughout this region.

Our practice is located in Santa Barbara and Grover Beach, not only because the Northern Division U.S. Bankruptcy Court is located here but because we appreciate the pace of life and enjoy the many outdoor activities available in the area like paragliding, kayaking, hiking, sailing and diving. We also appreciate and enjoy the many extraordinarily good local wines made by so many talented winemakers throughout the Central Coast.

Our firm has been designated as a debt relief agency by the United States Congress.  We help people file for relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

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