Who Will Find Out that I Filed for Bankruptcy?

Who Will Find Out That I Filed for Bankruptcy? This is a common question, wondered about by many who choose the remedies afforded by the bankruptcy system. The primary recipients of information on your bankruptcy case will be your creditors because, as a debtor, you are required under
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Do I Have To Go To Court When I File For Bankruptcy?

Do I have to go to court?
Do I Have To Go To Court? The answer to this basic of questions is: It depends–on which type of bankruptcy case you choose to file. If You File Chapter 7 If you file chapter 7, you are unlikely to have to appear in court unless a creditor files an adversary proceeding (complaint
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What Debts Are Not Dischargeable In Bankruptcy?

Fresh Start with Bankruptcy
What Debts Are Not Dischargeable? Bankruptcy is a profound and fundamental remedy that offers individual debtors a “fresh start” when they become overwhelmed by debt possibly caused by the loss of a job or the failure of a business, by serious illness, divorce, or some oth
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