Puerto Rico’s Failure to Pay: Potential Crisis in US?

Will bankruptcy help Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico’s Failure to Pay: Potential Crisis in US? According to the Washington Post, Puerto Rico’s governor, Ajejandro Garcia Padilla, recently announced that that the island is unable to pay back more than $70 billion in debt. A default could precipitate an unprecedent
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How Long Will a Bankruptcy Filing Remain on My Credit Report?

Santa Barbara bankruptcy credit report
Bankruptcy &  Credit Report Questions How long will a bankruptcy filing remain on my credit report and when can I expect to receive new credit from a reputable commercial lender? A bankruptcy case filed under Chapter 7, 11 or 12 will remain on the debtor(s) credit report for 10 ye
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Bankruptcy Option For Local Community College?

Cuesta Community College May Face Further Financial Pressure Cuesta Community College Board of Trustees, in a meeting on April 4, met to deal with ongoing shortfalls in state revenues by slashing another $3 million from the institution’s already skimpy budget. The College, which unfor
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